Class six student beaten to death for not paying fees: Manipur

A class six, teen age was allegedly beaten to death by school officials in Imphal, as his parents were unable to pay the fees in time, said police on Sunday. The police have registered a case against the school officials for beating Suresh Tongbram to death.

“Being a poor farmer, I have been unable to clear the school and hostel fees of Residential Kids Care School in Langol near Imphal where my son was admitted two years back. The school authorities told me to clear the fees or take my son away, but when I went to take him back they said unless the fees are cleared he could not be taken out,” Bira Tongbram, Suresh’s father, said.

“On Friday night, the school officials brought my son. He had bruises all over his body and I was told that my son was punished for being disobedient. The officials left in a huff and told me to clear the fees by August 31,” he said. The boy was immediately collapsed as he  reached the home and died on Saturday .


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