The title, which is set to hit stands on October 1, also The title, which is set to hit stands on October 1, alsosurpassed the biggest release of the year so far, ‘HarryPotter and the Cursed Child’ with selling 20 times the formeron the first day of pre-order. "’One Indian Girl’ beat ‘Harry Potter and the CursedChild’s’ Day 1 pre-order number within 30 minutes of goinglive on the platform," Amazon said. According to Bhagat, he wrote from a feminist point ofview because he wanted to get into a woman’s head and unravelthe mystery as he, "often found them mysterious, particularlyin the way they think." "I felt it would be interesting to get in their head. Iwrote on feminism because it isn’t an equal world for women,and most don’t realize it. As a writer, I want to highlightissues in society that affect a lot of people. Feminismaffects us all," he writes on the blog. The author says that he has been wanting to write infemale first person for quite some time now but managed toexecute it only after a decade of being an author because itwas a "huge challenge." "I wanted that book to be about women, and deal withfeminism. To do all this as a male writer was a hugechallenge. After writing for over a decade, I finallyattempted ‘One Indian Girl’," he says. He has previously authored seven books (5 fiction and2 non-fiction) and his last book, ‘Half-Girlfriend’ is beingadapted into a film of the same name starring Bollywood actorsArjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. The author has been actively tweeting developments aboutthe Mohit-Suri directed underproduction film scheduled torelease next year. Bhagat’s novels ‘Five Point Someone’, ‘One Night @ theCall Center’, ‘The 3 Mistakes of My Life’ and ‘2 States: TheStory of My Marriage’ have all been previously adapted forBollywood. PTI TRSANS


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