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Meanwhile, Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab SanaullahZehri today dismissed Modi’s assertion that people ofBalochistan had thanked him. Zehri, who belongs to ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz,while addressing a gathering in provincial capital Quetta,said, "We condemn Narendra Modi’s statement on Balochistan. Noone in Balochistan supported his statement." Zehri said there was no comparison between the "strugglefor liberation" in Kashmir and the Balochistan insurgency. Zehri accused India of supporting militancy in Balochistanand said already the network of "Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav"has been smashed. "The Indian government fully supports the ongoinginsurgency in Balochistan," Zehri alleged. Zehri’s remarks come days after a video showing exiledBaloch leader Brahamdagh Bugti appreciating Modi’s speech. Zehri alleged that "India-sponsored" Brahamdagh Bugti andothers were committing terror acts in the province. "My claims were proven when Brahamdagh Bugti praised Modi.I don’t think Brahamdagh should have done that," Zehri said. "Our so-called nationalists who say they want independencefor Balochistan — do you want independence only to becomeslaves to Hindus?" he asked. Zehri challenged Bugti to bring 50 people on streets insupport of his campaign. "Balochistan is part of Pakistan and is run by ademocratically elected government," the PML-N lawmaker said. "The Pakistan Army is ours and we will not tolerate anyIndian interference in our internal matters. Our fathers andforefathers made the choice to become part of this IslamicRepublic of Pakistan," he said. Meanwhile, Dawn News, in an editorial, said Prime MinisterModi’s remarks on Independence Day have not helped matters onthe bilateral front, or in addressing the unrest in Kashmir. "Hence, in the midst of all this, Pakistan’s call fordialogue makes eminent sense — in fact, this can be anopportunity to revive the Pak-India dialogue process," itsaid. PTI SH ASK AKJASK


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