Meet Aarthi Sampath, first Indian woman chef who won the US cooking show Chopped

The journey from India to overseas has definitely not been smooth for Sampath. “I have faced every kind of bias because I am a woman and brown. But once people know you are talented , you surpass every misrepresentation.”

She is now the first Indian Woman chef ho won the US cooking show “Chopped”.

From the 13-year-old little girl who apparently discovered her mother’s unused cookbooks and fell in love with the kitchen while watching her first cake rise in the oven, Sampath has come a long way. She believes her journey has only humbled her and understands the responsibility that she has towards budding chefs across the globe. This inspiring chef continues to be a part of Junoon and is working on a new tasting menu for Fall. While at it, she’s writing a cookbook and dreams of opening a restaurant in Mumbai offering modern Indian and Asian-influenced cuisines.


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