"Omar Abdullah must have the knowledge that most of the "Omar Abdullah must have the knowledge that most of theterrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir recently belonged toPakistan and must be aware of the admission statements ofPakistani terrorists captured by the Indian security forces. "Omar needs to explain the reason for denial of truth andfor his blatant lies," he said. The NC leader had yesterday said that Kashmir is apolitical issue which needs to be addressed politically. "The first step is to admit and recognise the anger andthen take steps to address it," Omar said. Lashing out at the former chief minister, the BJP leaderasked, "who was behind motivating the 10-12 year old childrento throw stones at the security forces." "Did the Prime-Minister not make efforts to havenegotiations with Pakistan to resolve the bilateral issuesbetween the two countries? Did Modi not make attempts toaddress the various issues confronting the people of Jammu andKashmir? Did he not make many visits to the state particularlythe Valley?" Gupta questioned. He also refused the demand to initiate an inquiry into theallegations of excessive force by security forces whiledealing with protestors. The former chief minister said all the opposition partieswere worried about youths getting killed and injured insecurity forces’ firing, while the state and the centralgovernments "mishandled" the situation. The BJP spokesman questioned how many enquiries wereconducted during the outbreak of violence after 1990, 2008 and2010 when National Conference and Congress were in power. He also said that any political solution for Jammu andKashmir can only be worked out by taking people of all thethree regions into confidence. PTI TSS AB MNG RTMNG


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