‘AirInk’ from recycled Air Pollution

An Indian startup company, Graviky Labs had invented an air ink. It is a new way to fight air pollution.

A pen named Air-Ink is made out of recycled air pollution. Graviky Labs call it ‘The Art-of-Pollution’. A 30ML Air-Ink Pen contains 30-50 minutes of air pollution generated by cars.
– that otherwise have been floating in the environment otherwise and giving us ‘cancer’.

For creation of AirInk, researchers detoxified heavy metals and particles from the soot, created as a result of fossil fuels burning. The process is awaiting certification.

“Depending upon the engine and environmental variables, about 80-90 percent content in automotive PM is carbon based. This is what we target,” says Graviky Labs.

The increasing use of vehicles has led to increasing carbon content in air, the effects on health and society are linked to its menace. In such gloomy scenarios, we need more such inventions.


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