458 vehicles impounded in Gurgaon for violating traffic norms

Gurgaon, Aug 18 (PTI) In an anti-encroachment driveagainst traffic offenders, Gurgaon Police today impounded 458vehicles including 350 autos. The crack-down was aimed at curbing the trafficencroachment, especially by the auto-drivers, police said. "Traffic violation particularly by autos are a regularfeature. Some of them are found wrongly parked at crowdedlocations and at the Metro stations leading to encroachment,"said spokesperson of Gurgaon police, ACP Hawa Singh. "The auto drivers often stop vehicles right at theintersections to pick passengers leading to traffic snarl," hesaid. Besides autos, the traffic department also impounded 108cars, SUVs and multi-excel vehicles for parking vehicles inprohibited areas. "These impounded vehicles were towed to concerned policestations and posts and some of them were released after theowners paid fines," Singh added. PTI CORR CHT RGCHT


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