Why India’s Pakistan shift is tactical and important

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In the last few days enough speculation has come to the fore on India’s stand articulated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Balochistan.

Today India officially communicated to Pakistan, that it was willing to have talks with Pakistan but on the issue of terrorism and not Kashmir, all this points to a radical shift in India’s Pakistan policy.

Here is a quick ready reckoner on why this is significant:

1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement will bring focus on the atrocities committed by the Pakistan army in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Balochistan.

2. As a global power, India is well within its rights to speak out on an issue of human rights violations and atrocities on civilians committed anywhere in the globe, big responsible powers have the duty to speak in the larger interest of global peace and protection of human rights which is what India has done. Thousands of young Balochis have gone missing and have been tortured and killed which needs to be brought out, recently international media has flagged this and India must bring it to the international attention.

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3. On Pakistan Occupied Kashmir there is a resolution of the Indian Parliament which states that the entire Kashmir is a part of India, so India is highlighting concerns of people in a part of Kashmir which has been illegally occupying the territory.

4. Pakistan has continued to foment terrorism against India and blatantly disregarded India’s genuine efforts of peace, for long India has resorted to diplomatese by looking the other way to Pakistan’s atrocities in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Balochistan, this shift is significant.

5. What next: India must ensure that this policy is sustained and on global forums the Pakistan based terrorist groups are exposed and its atrocities in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Balochistan must be exposed before the international community. If India’s wants to be a global leader it has to think and act like one, and this is a good step forward.

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