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Last month, Chidambaram had said the situation in Kashmirhas been "mishandled" by successive governments in Srinagarand New Delhi. "We (UPA government) did mishandle. But we correctedourselves in 2010. Now, both the governments in Delhi andSrinagar mishandled (it) very, very badly," he had said. Chidambaram had suggested a radical solution to thesituation in Kashmir by advocating the restoration of the"grand bargain" under which Kashmir had acceded to India bygranting a large degree of autonomy "I think their approach is wrong. We have ignored thegrand bargain under which Kashmir acceded to India. I think webroke faith, we broke promises and as a result we have paid aheavy price," he had said. The former Home Minister had said the best solution wasthat New Delhi should give an assurance to the people ofKashmir that the "grand bargain" promised during the time ofKashmir’s accession "will be honoured fully". Chidambaram said, "I may be wrong, I may be right butwhat is necessary is to give the assurance that the grandbargain will be fully honoured. Let them (people of Kashmir)frame their own laws as much as possible and as long as itdoes not conflict with the Constitution. "We have to assure that we will respect identity,history, culture, religion…" he had said. PTI ACBDV


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