Kejriwal sticks to govt’s devision to hike minimum wages

New Delhi, Aug 17 (PTI) Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwaltoday stuck to his government’s decision to hike minimum wagesin Delhi and said money in the hands of the poor and middleclasses and not "Ambani and Adani", will benefit the country’seconomy. He said it was to be seen whether BJP and Congress showthe courage to take similar decisions in the states ruledby them. "I told those who are threatening to strike work and shutindustries that overall business is anyway bleak across thecountry since no one has money in hand. When money will reachthe poor then it will have a positive effect on the economy asdemand and subsequently consumption will rise," Kejriwal said. Interestingly, ruling AAP’s trade wing has warned of astrike in Delhi in case the decision to raise wages is notwithdrawn. It is also going to the raise the issue with LtGovernor Najeeb Jung. The Delhi Chief Minister also said that the "trickle downtheory" has completly failed to help the poor in the country. "They often talk about trickle down theory whichessentially means that make the rich richer and the commonpublic will make do with the droplets. "Policies have to benefit the poor. There will be anescalation of cost, no doubt, but in the middle term and longterm it will benefit everyone when money will reach the middleclass and the poor," Kejriwal said. The Delhi Cabinet approved revision of minimum wages by 50per cent. As per the government’s decision, the minimum wagesfor unskilled person will be Rs 14,055 against the existing Rs9,568 in the national capital. Besides, the same for semi-skilled and skilled personswill increase from Rs 10,582 to Rs 15,471 and from Rs 11,622to 17,033 respectively. Repeatedly referring to "Ambani and Adani" in hisaddress at his official residence, Kejriwal alleged thatgovernment policies are "deliberately" framed to ensure profitfor few families in the country, leading to "deepening" chasmin the society and spike in unemployment and crime. "We will have to implement it in Delhi and then raise ourvoice across the country. I urge Modiji to look beyond Ambaniand care for the people. If the Centre wants then it canimplement the same across the country in one go," he said. Kejriwal had announced the government’s decision theraise wages in his Independence Day speech. PTI SBR BUNSC


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