Electronic journalism has matured over the years: Sharma

New Delhi, Aug 17 (PTI) Batting for self-regulation,senior journalist and president of News BroadcastersAssociation (NBA) Rajat Sharma today said electronicjournalism has matured over the years with the advent ofinstitutions like News Broadcasting Standards Authority(NBSA). He was speaking at the Indian Institute of MassCommunication (IIMC) here which celebrated its 52nd FoundationDay today. According to an official release, Sharma defended themedia against the charges of sensationalism, commercialisationand chasing TRPs and asserted that it had helped ensurejustice in matters like Nirbhaya rape, Jessica Lal and NitishKatara murder cases. Electronic media has matured over the years withself-regulation and the advent of institutions such as NewsBroadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA), Sharma said. He also said that media ought to give more prominence tonews from rural and far flung areas and that sting operationshould be done in the rarest of rare cases. Information and Broadcasting Secretary Ajay Mittal, whowas present at the event, said the profession demandedcourage, sacrifice, hard work and responsibility. IIMC DC K G Suresh outlined future plans includingintroduction of regional language courses and providingexpertise in content and technology to community radiostations. PTI ADSSMN


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