‘Dr death’ murdered people in cold blood: Police

    By Sandip Kolhatkar Wai (Maha), Aug 17 (PTI) Satara police today claimed thatSantosh Pol, accused of killing six people including fivewomen between 2003 and 2016, did not appear to be a psychopathand murdered three of them for financial gain. Pol, a 42-year-old doctor from Wai, murdered three of thevictims — Surekha Chikane, Jagabai Pol and Nathmal Bhandari– with the motive of financial gain, while Salma Shaikh andMangala Jedhe were put to death as he feared they would spillthe beans about his crimes, police said. "Dr Pol is not a psychopath, rather he is mentally quitestable, and cleverly executed all these killings in coldblood. He is revealing a lot of new things in theinterrogation, but all that needs to be corroborated," saidSatara district Superintendent of Police, Sandip Patil, addingthey would seek permission for his narco-analysis test. Pol, who is being dubbed as "Dr Death", allegedly toldpolice that he killed Jedhe, his last victim, as she knew thathe had killed Chikane and Jagabai, and was aware of his othercriminal activities too. Similarly, Salma, who worked as a nurse at a hospital inWai, knew that Pol had murdered Nathmal Bhandari. "He told us that Chikane had a dispute with one of herrelatives, and owned a lot of gold. It was Jedhe who told Polabout this dispute so that he could ‘settle’ it. Chikane laterstarted taking treatment from Pol for some ailment and used tovisit his clinic at Dhom in the district. Pol killed her withthe intention of looting her gold," the SP said. In the case of Jagabai, Pol had promised to help her gether land back from a person who had grabbed it fraudulently.Again it was Jedhe who put her in touch with Pol. SP Patil said that Pol admitted to killing Bhandari, ajeweller, out of greed for gold. "Salma was close to Pol, and she used to go to Bhandari’shouse to give him physiotherapy, so she knew about thismurder. Pol, who had committed four murders by then, decidedto kill Salma and murdered her by administering an overdose ofan anaesthetic drug," the SP said. (MORE) PTI SPK KRK RCJBAS


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