The concluding day sees screening of two films ‘Cities of The concluding day sees screening of two films ‘Cities ofSleep’ (India) directed by Shaunak Sen and ‘My Name is Salt'(India) directed by Farida Pacha. The former is set in a world where just being able tosecure a good night’s sleep often becomes a matter of lifeand death. The film enters a heady world of night-shelters,improvised sleeping spots and the infamous ‘sleep mafia’ ofDelhi to look at the enormous influence the otherwise banalactivity of sleeping is able to exert on a large number ofpeople. Pacha’s film has won multiple awards including GoldenAward for Medium Film at Aljazeera International DocumentaryFilm Festival 2015 and the international Jury Award for BestCinematography, Mumbai International Documentary, Short andAnimation Film Festival 2016 etc. The Film Southasia (FSA) is a biennial festival was set upin 1997 with the goal of popularising the documentary so thatit entertains, informs and changes lives. In addition to the festival that takes place in Kathmanduevery two years, FSA organizes screenings, discussions andworkshops across Southasia to promote Southasian non-fictionwithin the Subcontinent and around the world. After each FSA festival, about a dozen films are selectedto travel across the subcontinent and the world as theTravelling Film Southasia (TFSA) package. This mobile campaignto promote and popularise Southasian documentaries stops atmore than 50 international venues between the parent FSAfestivals that are held every two years in Kathmandu. PTI ANSANS


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