"Nathamal was murdered on December 7, 2015, while "Nathamal was murdered on December 7, 2015, whileSalma was murdered on January 17, 2016," the SP added. Pol told police that he killed both Nathamal and Salma inan ambulance while travelling between Wai and Pune. He thentook the bodies to his poultry farm in Dhom and buried them. After getting rid of Salma, he suspected that Jedhe, anAnganwadi worker and a local activist, might be a threatbecause she knew about the initial murders. He kidnapped heron June 15, 2016, with the help of Jyoti Mandre and killedher. It was the probe into Jedhe’s disappearance whichultimately led to his arrest along with Mandre. "He was also planning to eliminate Jyoti, but wasarrested before that," said Patil. Vanita Gaikwad was murdered on August 12, 2006, and herbody was thrown into the backwater of Dhom dam. Patil saidonly in her case the police were yet to find out Pol’s exactmotive. "All these admissions need to be corroborated and we cannot blindly rely on his confession. That is why we havedecided to seek permission from the court to performnarco-analysis test on him," the SP added. As per the police, Pol killed Surekha Chikane on May 20,2003. On August 12, 2006, he killed Vanita Gaikwad; on August13, 2010, he killed Jagabai Pol. Nathamal Bhandari was killedon December 7, 2015. On January 17, 2016, he murdered SalmaShaikh, and on June 16 he killed Jedhe. PTI SPK KRK RCJBAS


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