Global competition for National War Memorial design

New Delhi, Aug 16 (PTI) The Defence Ministry has launcheda global competition for selecting designs for National WarMemorial near India Gate in memory of over 25,000 soldiers wholaid down their lives post Independence. The project, for which the government has approved Rs 500crore, is to be completed in five years at Princess Park inNew Delhi. Post-Independence, more than 25,000 soldiers have madethe supreme sacrifice in national interests and in defence ofthe sovereignty and integrity of the country. While their final movements would have gone unnoticed andon occasions their final resting place unknown, this museumwill capture those poignant moments in history and bring outthe variegated nature of their commitments. "The design of the memorial should be a fitting monumentto honour the memory of the brave soldiers. Located at theheart of the national capital, standing tall between theexpanse of manicured lawns and grand buildings, the NationalWar Memorial must be majestic and timeless," the design briefsaid. It also said the memorial would need to solemnly showcasenumber, rank, name and unit of approximately 25,000 martyrs ona commemorative wall with scope for future requirements. For making an absorbing and unforgettable experienceinstallations such as art murals, statues, fascias celebratingbattle victories and unexceptional sacrifices may beincorporated. The National War Memorial would thematically integratewith the National War Museum, which is proposed to be built atPrincess Park, through an underground connection, providingthe visitor with inspiring opportunity for an enriching andgratifying experience, the brief said. The last date for online submission is September 15 andthe final result will be announced on December 31. It has been decided that the project will be monitored byan empowered Steering Committee chaired by the DefenceSecretary and assisted by a dedicated project management team,to ensure that the project is completed within scheduled time-frame. Post commissioning, a management body will be formed formaintenance of the National War Memorial and the museum. PTISAPSMN


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