Here’s to the lefty ones! Happy International Left Handers Day

The struggle is real for all those who’re left handed. From using ink pen to smudging ink on notebooks to opening cans. The ‘lefty’ often has to deal with a lot more than mere writing struggles. To mark the international left- handers day, that falls every year on August 13, we’ve brought you some lovely left of centre facts.

      1. Only 10% of the world’s population is left handed. (Pretty special right!)
      2. Historically speaking, left handers were looked down upon for being left handed was associated with witchcraft. *evil laughs*
      3. Left handshakes are often seen as a sign of disrespect since the middle ages since it was used to wipe after visiting the toilet.
      4. The word sinister comes from the latin word ‘sinestra’, which originally meant unlucky or evil.
      5. Rafael Nadal switched to being left-handed player. (Impressive!)
      6. Some famous left handers:

Barack Obama, Leonardo Da Vinci, Neil Armstrong, Henry Ford, Aristotle

7. Lefties are also called southpaws

8. There’s even a place called Left Hand. It’s in Virginia, US but sadly the town isn’t named after its left-handed community


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