Brother tickled sister to safety by discovering a tumour growing in her throat

Brother, tickled ,sister,cancerous, tumour,throat
Brother, tickled ,sister,cancerous, tumour,throat
In Chelmsford, Essex, UK, an 11-year-old Aaron East saved his younger sister, Amy’s life when almost 2 months ago he had discovered a cancerous tumour growing in her throat.
In the strange but fortunate turn of events, Aaron was tickling his sister, and he saw the tumour when she opened her mouth to laugh.
He immediately ran to his mother, Carly (31), who then inspected the growth herself and began to fear for the worst.
Carly says, “Amy and Aaron were just playing tickle monsters when he looked down her throat while she was laughing. “My first thought when Aaron showed me Amy’s throat was that it was a tumour. “I’m absolutely so proud of Aaron. Because he found it, he thinks that he has done something wrong when in fact he has saved his little sister’s life. “I really cannot thank him enough for what he has done, I am so proud.”
Amy herself has started seeing her brother as her “hero”.
Amy, who is 7, was then taken to the hospital, and a few days after diagnosis the doctors declared that she had a very rare kind of cancer, known as Rhabdomyosarcoma.
She then underwent surgery and got the growth removed.
 “I had a knot in my stomach when I was going to the hospital but had to keep it together and stay strong for the kids”, says Carly.
“I could just feel that something was wrong straight away. My world just fell apart when they told me but Amy has been so strong and whatever she has had to face she has just bounced back. “Amy’s a really happy-go-lucky confident girl and she gives me the strength to carry on, if I was her then I would be on the floor” she adds.
After the growth removal, Amy is now due to face nine rounds of chemotherapy, and after that a proton beam therapy, which will be held in America.
For covering the expensive treatments, the East family is now raising money.
For those willing to donate to the cause, you can visit the website:


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