#PoolGate: Pool mysteriously turns green at Rio 2016, officials dumbfounded

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A pool in Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre turned green due to unknown reasons at the Rio Olympics on Tuesday. The participants of the women’s synchronized 10-meter event had to swim in a diving well that was dark green.

The water was blue on Monday and turned green mysteriously by the time of the event. Organizers tested for water quality and found the water safe.

“The water quality at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre was tested and there were no risks for the athletes. We are investigating the cause” officials said.


The pool adjacent to the diving well remained blue. Pedro Adrega, head of communications at the Aquatics Centre, was equally dumbfounded, suggesting that athletes had perhaps requested the change in color to lessen the effects of the sun.

The green pool left the contestants confused with several venting out on Twitter. The incident, now being described as “pool gate” is taking over Twitter.

However, the water was no problem for China’s Chen Ruolin who grabbed gold in the event.


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