After Rio failures, optimistic Heena looks ahead

Rio Olympics, Heena Sidhu
Rio Olympics, Heena Sidhu

With the pistol in hand, Indian shooter Heena Sidhu did not inspire confidence in the ongoing Rio Olympics but she hasn’t thrown in the towel yet and, far-fetched as it may sound at this hour, says she would hope to be there at the 2020 Games and beyond.

Heena, from whom a lot was expected in the run-up to the Olympic Games here, put up yet another disappointing show to finish a distant 20th in the 25m pistol event for women on Tuesday.

“I will never give up, the hope will be there to be there in 2020, 2024, 2028. The hope, determination will always be there. I will give my 100 per cent,” Heena told PTI after she lost the 25m pistol event, which she picked up only recently.

Asked to sum up the outing in her second Olympics, she said, “My performance was good but I did not have average scores in precision. I would have been in the final if I shot my average score in the precision. But I am still happy that I got to compete in two events. In London 2012, I competed only in one event. This is a step forward.

“I’ve been doing the 25m pistol for only six-seven months, so I’ve a lot of time to prepare for Commonwealth and Asian Games and for next Olympics 2020.”

Heena said she will give equal importance to both her events from now on.

“I have now decided that both are my events and both are of equal importance to me. Sometime you do well in 10m air, sometime in 25m and at times you cannot win in both. There will be ups and downs.

“But sport pistol I started from base level. You’re seeing this performance. It will take time for a an absolute beginner to get to this level. The air pistol helps and in sports pistol you have better control over the trigger. Both the events complement each other.

“I’ve a lot of time. In pistol shooting, I’ve seen players shooting till 40s and early 50s. If you have good form and technique and keep yourself injury free then you can take a call on your retirement. I’ve a lot of time left. It’s the time to give 100 percent.

Heena seemed contend with her achievements in the sport.

“I’ve achieved much more than what I had thought of when I took up shooting. I never thought of competing in an Olympics. I always thought I would go to the Olympics as a spectator. I had nothing to do with any sport. But I’ve appeared in two Olympics and this time competed in two events.

It’s just getting better and better. I am just left to win an Olympic medal.


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