The “genius” of Shobhaa De’s tweet

Shobhaa De upset the Indians on the internet by storm when she tweeted that the aim of team India at the Rio Olympics is to go to Rio, take Selfies, and come back without winning anything. She went on to say that sending teams for events like this is a waste of time and money.

We believe such a comment made my Shobhaa will open the eyes of those who hold Shobhaa in high regard. While one can only hope that her account was hacked or that someone stole her phone, we believe Shobhaa today has provided proof of her intellectual capacity to the whole wide world, and this proof is very convincing.

A comment like this is not only sad but also demeaning to the many athletes who have left their homes only to make their country proud. NewsMobile will take you through some of the best responses the Indians had to Shobhaa and her idiocy.


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