Social networking app called ‘Hello’ launched by Orkut creator

Orkut, Creators, Hello
Orkut, Creators, Hello

Remember Orkut? The network which introduced us to the social media before Facebook, which was shut down in 2014 by Google.

Well if you still miss Orkut, then this might be a good news as Orkut’s creator Büyükkökten has launched a new social network called Hello, which is available on mobile only.

The app is available on Android and iOS in the following countries: US, Canada, Britain, France, Australia, Brazil, Ireland. Germany, Mexico and India are next on the list and the app should be available this month.

In a blogpost, Büyükkökten writes that “hello is the next generation of orkut,” and it is built on love, not likes. His blog reads, “hello connects us all. Think about it: you can say “hello” in any language and people will understand. “Hello” is probably the most widely spoken word in the world after “Okay.” Aló, halo, ʾāllo, alô, hallo, alló, hello. Fear and hatred have no place when you make such a simple and friendly gesture to someone else. So come join me, and make some new friends. Say hello, and love your world.”

The About page for Hello says the company called Hello Network has been founded by Orkut creator Buyukkokten, and a small group of ex-Google engineers. Hello’s headquarters are in San Francisco and the company has a development office in Mountain View.

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