“The Holy Cow”

The Holy Cow

Cow protectors vigilantism perils hurts not only Punjab but also our PM. PM Narendra Modi assertion and warning to the disservice of Gau Rakshaks has now get a new focus. “Cow Worship and compassion of Gau seva” as our PM said is now a debatable issues, specially in the case of Hingonia and many other cow shelters where cow conservators are reaping the benefits of milk revolution. Cow sheltering is not new to this country, even we have deities and castes that has inseparable relation with this sacred animal. Lord Krishna was a Yaduvanshi and till date Yadavs known for cow care and conservation. The other religious aspects of cow has teach us that “gaye hamari mata hai

Vinoba Bhave fought his whole life for a national wide ban on cow slaughter. He very aptly said that the ‘misapprehensions of secular character of state and protection of the cow are misunderstood’. There is no incompatibility between the two. But Mahatma Gandhi was more clear in his thoughts on cow slaughter, “Cow slaughter can never be stopped by law. Knowledge, education, and the spirit of kindliness towards her alone can put and end to it. It will not be possible to save those animals that are a burden on the land or, perhaps, even man if he is a burden” said Mahatma in 1946.

Cow is always a tricky issues for our political class. Be it Beef Ban or Export of Beef. Its a common fact the we are exporting a large chunk of beef to many countries and we happily garnering a pink revolution. The real problem is the politicisation of the animal who is considered Kamadhenu, a cow who is worshipped by gods for wishes. But no one feel pity when they saw old cows roaming on roads and urban infrastructure has no place to serve animals better. The big gap between political sensitivity and people feelings towards an animal, who is very useful in many ways. No doubt that there are thousands of cowsheds who also engaged in cow breeding, conservation, dispensaries and care. They holistically work to save the indian breeds and take care of the old age cows. Gau Seva versus Gau Raksha are two corners of this real story.

As we seen on news channels, in punjab a body is behaving like army of cow protectors and wilfully harassing people who are against their views and ways. Gau Raksha Dal is a menace which is taking place due to the sentiments and lawlessness of the state. Even cow organisations are now opposing them and the hardcore hindu organisations are now facing heat to ideologically support them. Cow protection through law is more challengeable than public awareness campaigns.

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PM Modi knows the value of cows specially when its status is venerated. In 1966 when thousand of saints marched towards delhi, they gone through a brutal time and many bruises had created. In this November 50 years of this fateful day will remembered in full glow. There are many organisations who work for cow protection teamed up to do a big show in delhi. And surely PM will be invited. Few months back a saint form punjab, Swami Krishnanandji was disappeared. He was know for his best practices and services to save the cow. Though the meanings to save the cow campaign revolves mostly around beef and illegal trade.

Rajasthan has the largest livestock population, even the state has a cow welfare minister. But when we heard that due to strike of staffs, around 500 cows are died in a government funded shelter, its saddening. Cow has proved his role by the milk cooperatives movements and from the desi ghee revolution of Swami Ramdev. Cow can be treated as mata or fellow, but as an animal she deserves the best rights. Political use of a symbol may fetch sentimental results, but vigilant forces also arise when they find something vulnerable. Lets hope Cow get respect always from all sides due to his qualities and identity.

(The author is NewsMobile iJourno)


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