Two Indigo flights miraculously averted colliding over Guwahati

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IndiGo, Air Deccan aircraft come close to each other, avert mid-air collision

Wednesday registered another harrowing incident for Indian air passengers, as two IndiGo flights scarcely missed mid-air crash over Guwahati.
The airline confirmed the incident and said in a statement that “The IndiGo flight en route to Guwahati experienced turbulence due to monsoon”, which caused it to climb down by 250-300 feet, at the same time when the Chennai-bound aircraft was taking off.
IndiGo said “the pilot immediately applied the Resolution Advisory (RA) triggered by TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System). TCAS is onboard equipment that advises pilots about the traffic in the proximity of the aircraft and also instructs pilots the avoidance action (Resolution Advisory) to maintain the desired separation between the aircraft.” Underlining the reasons that led to the incident the airline said, it was caused by a very rare Phenomenon “Clear Air Turbulence”, which cannot be detected by the weather radar.


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