Milind Soman’s mother runs barefoot in saree alongside son

The ‘Iron man of India’, Milind Soman, is well known to be an avid runner.

Last year, he had completed the triathlon championships with vigour, showing everyone that the former model is still as fit as he ever was.

The purpose of a pilgrimage is not to get to the temple.

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Milind who has become a national inspiration for everyone has now taken up a fresh new goal of running a barefoot marathon, from Ahmedabad to Mumbai via Silvassa, covering an epic distance of 570 Km. The marathon, which is a Great India Run initiative is being cited as India’s first multi-city ultra marathon.

Death is certain, sickness is not. Take care of your health. 💪🏻

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A new video, posted on the Great India Runs’ facebook page, shows that Milind’s mother joining him for the last leg of the run.

The 76- year old super adorable mom, is wearing a saree, and running barefoot alongside her son, proving that fitness and zest truly “run” in the family.
The marathon, which is due to end on August 4, has everyone cheering for Milind, and now his mother, throughout the country, and has the social media flooded with due admiration.

Here is the lovely and inspiring facebook post of the mother-son duo running towards fulfillment:


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