Exclusive: Meet the “Super Pilot” of Solar Impulse 2

Well its not everyday that an someone circumnavigates the Earth in an aircraft which runs on 100% clean energy. The Solar Impulse 2 flight project marks another milestone in our race to provide and function on 100% clean and reusable energy sources.

Traversing thousands of kilometers all alone in the one-man cockpit certainly elevates these pilots to the nothing less than superhumans. Surviving in temperatures ranging from -20 to +25 degree celsius, the Solar Impulse 2 pilots certainly gave the ultimate test.

Well here is a peek into what went behind the project and how the men behind this greater than life project prepared for each and every challenge and possibility.

News Mobile editor-in-chief Saurabh Shukla discusses the flight events and experiences of the journey with one of the pilots Andre Borschberg in this exclusive interview on News Mobile.


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