Stop telling white lies to your children


Being a parent can be terrifying. From the day your son or daughter takes their first breath, you suddenly realize you’re responsible for another human being. You’re the one who’s going to feed and clothe them, rock them to sleep at night, and chase away the monsters under their bed. You’ll be the person they turn to for strength and guidance. At the same time, you’re just a human being, and mistakes are unavoidable.

It is believed one mistake every parent makes is lying to their children. Maybe they do it to make their child feel better, or protect them from a painful truth, but these half-truths often come back to haunt them in the end. Below you’ll find a few common lies parents should stop telling to their kids.

Discipline can be important, but blind obedience helps no one.“Because I said so!” is a phrase of lie and everyone knows that’s not a real answer. Instead, we need to be more attentive to our children’s questions, and freely admit when we don’t know the answers. If the child is too young to understand, let them know they’ll find out when they’re older.

“Good Job, Buddy!!” This could be the tagline for today’s parents. Many of the jobs our kids do are good in that they are done, but the doing doesn’t deserve applause all the time. Acknowledgement, yes. Even a thank you. But not praise. They are just a part of life. And the more we praise the mundane and the expected the cheaper our praise becomes for those things that actually deserve it.

“You’re Perfect Just the Way You Are!” This lie is told with the best of intentions. At some point in life, everyone has felt awkward or out of place, and it’s reassuring to hear we’re still accepted and loved. In truth though, none of us are perfect and and it’s important for us to acknowledge our faults.
Parenting is difficult, but the struggle is well worth the reward. Children don’t need white lies to help them grow up, all they need is for their parents to be their parents.So be a smart parent not a rigid one.

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