A Train from India to Russia

A Train from India to Russia

Travelling to Russia by train! A bit far fetched it seemed in the past. Well, its not anymore. A freight train from India to Russia which will pass through Azerbaijan is planned to start running by the end of this August. This news was confirmed in an interview with Javid Gurbanov, Head of Azerbaijan Railways.

This train route is part of the “North-South” project. In August, a freight train from Mumbai will arrive at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, and then travel through Astara in Azerbaijan to its final destination in Moscow.

This freight train will be a part of The “North-South” project. This is a multi-modal freight transport route with a total length of over 7,000 kilometers from Helsinki to the port of Mumbai. It will pass through Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran to India and Southeast Asia. In its first stage of the corridor, the authorities are planning to transport five million tons of cargo annually. These figures are reported to increase to 10 million tons of cargo each year in the future.


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