Girl arrested for sending kidnapping hoax video to mother

In a shocking incident, a 22-year-old girl named Jessica Johnson, faked her own kidnapping and sent a video of herself tied up to a bed, to her mother.
The panicked mother, Christie Johnson, immediately contacted the police, who then tracked Jessica down and found her gagged and lying unresponsively on the bed in a hotel room in South Carolina, US.
The investigators immediately became suspicious of foul play in the story. Lieutenant Timmie Williams of the Simpsonville Police Department said, “During the investigation, there were different clues that actually sparked the investigators’ curiosity.”
On being interrogated Jessica admitted that the whole scenario was self-created and gave “personal issues” as the reason behind the elaborate hoax.
After the revelation, mother Christie became infuriated and posted the video sent to her by her daughter online, calling her “evil”.


In the post, Christie writes- “This morning after a night of still hardly no sleep. .the police come to my house looking for her.. I got her here and they arrested her.. I was like for what.. they said she done this to herself. .after watching 8 hrs of video. .no one else was in the motel with her.. At first I was like what.. Then I went and watched the video for the 2nd time since I received it.. It hit me ..the angle of the phone. .why would they not have put duct tape around her whole head..”
She adds, “She’s a sick person..this isn’t the person I raised.”

Jessica has now been arrested with a bail bond set at $30,000 (Rs. 2000698.50).

Here’s the full post along with the video:


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