Sold his only house for rural youth’s education

A 40-year old techie sold his house to sponsor the education in a village near Indore. He also left his well earning job at MNC for it.He did so for improving the life of rural youth, at Sandalpur village (Dewas district).
He said, “It took almost two years for me and my family to understand what I was doing and what I wanted after leaving a life in Bengaluru that most guys dreams of.”
He took 50 students of Sant Singaji Institute of Science and Management (SSISM) in Sandalpur around the country to Bengaluru and other cities, so that they can see, what the industries need and develop their capabilities and dream.
Started in 2010, many of his students are placed in big MNCs and are earning well.They ignite the dreams in their village and their families.
Step like these are a fight against the degree selling institutions, which do not provide quality.
His wife Amita said, “I just told him that if you are happy then I am with you and come what may we will be together.”


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