When the iPhone hits the markets

Well rumours are bound to surface when it comes to the most valuable company on Earth. On top of that, it is Apple Inc. after all. We all want to know what they have in their pockets for the whole lot us. Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 (and its alleged Plus and Pro variants) has already been a subject of numerous rumours and leaks over the past few months and the rumours are only increasing as the launch date comes close.

The handset’s rumoured features are taking tech gurus by storm and they have already started to discuss the pros and cons. Apparently the phone has a dual camera setup, new antenna design to name a few. To much disappointment however, there is no word yet as to when Apple plans to launch the devices.

That’s probably no longer the case, as popular tipster Evan Blass (@evleaks) seems to have some lead about the release date of the Cupertino-based company’s next flagship.

Only a few days back, Blass had tweeted that the iPhone 7 would be hitting the markets in the third week of September. Over the weekend, Blass posted a follow-up tweet clarifying that the exact date the new iPhone(s) will hit the market should be September 16. Well this is good or bad news depending on when and how do you want to purchase your iPhone. Some rumours suggest that the new iPhone might be called iPhone 6SE instead of iPhone 7. However, these are nothing but mere speculations.


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