World’s most expensive rice now on sale

Toyo Rice Corporation, World's most expensive rice, Japan

Leave your desi rice. It’s time to bring some exclusivity in your lives. We bring you the opportunity to buy the world’s most premier rice in the upcoming days. The “World’s Highest Quality Rice,” which Toyo Rice Corporation (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Keiji Saika) produces, is to be available to the public for the first time through its online shopping site for a period of five days between June 29th and July 3rd, 2016.

It is listed in Guinness World Records as the world’s most expensive rice. The rice was sold in units of six packages x 140 g for 10,800 yen (including consumption tax and postage). All 30 boxes of the rice were sold as planned. The rice is certified and listed in Guinness World Records as priced at 11,304 yen/kg (109 U.S. dollars/kg) excluding consumption tax and postage.

Toyo Rice Corporation has advanced its “World’s Highest Quality Rice” business since last winter in order to improve the global perception of Japanese rice and pursue its goal to provide “a dream and hope” to rice producers in Japan.


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