Kargil War: Lessons we haven’t learned

the Kargil war, intelligence
the Kargil war, intelligence

It has been seventeen years since India fought a historic high-altitude war, to recapture the seized territories of Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistan. While India was victorious, the war was widely known among the strategic experts as the catastrophe of Indian intelligence. The Indian security services had inputs about the infiltration, but they completely failed to connect the dots. After the war, it was expected that an intelligence fiasco like Kargil would not be repeated, but during this journey of seventeen years, on many occasions, the Indian security services failed in the assessment of crucial intelligence. Either one talks about 26/11 or the Pathankot Air force base attack in 2016, the failure of India’s Central Intelligence was evident. Even after seventeen years, this problem has not been resolved, it seems that we have not learned anything from the severe setback of the Kargil. The problem is instead of domain experts with a strategic experience , often file pushers get at the helm. especially in agencies that are tasked to keep tabs on Pakistan.


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