Interview Dos and Don’ts: Go crack that round

Interview, Tips & Tricks, Do's and Dont's
Interview, Tips & Tricks, Do's and Dont's

Interviews are a way to analyse a candidate’s skill set, claimed in the resume/CV. If you are having a hard time clearing an interview, don’t panic, we have a few tried and tested tips that are sure to help your boat sail through. Take a look-

Pre-Interview preparation-

Study about the company that you have applied for, in depth. Most of these details are available on the company’s website.

Be clear about the job description beforehand; read about your role and responsibilities.

Practice your gestures in front of the mirror. You can even prepare for a brief introduction about yourself.

Be confident.

 On the day of the interview-

Be presentable. Well ironed formal clothes along with neatly polished shoes and a tidy hairdo should be kept in mind while dressing up. Do not wear loud colours. The female candidates should not wear a lot of jewellery pieces and should have trimmed nails.

Reach the office at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Punctuality matters.
Carry all the documents that you think can be required- certificates, referrals, etc. Also, keep a notebook and pen along, you might require that too.

Switch off your cell phones. Or at least put them on silent mode.

 Inside the interview room-

Take permission before entering the room.

Greet the interviewer/s with a smile.

At the time of the interview-

Sit in the right posture. Do not twiddle with your thumb, or play with hair. Maintain an eye contact with the interviewer.

Wishing you all the best.


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