Which Sleeping position are you?

One would be surprised to know that, sleeping positions can also tell about your attitude. There are a few positions which have been analysed by experts.They give an intimation of what kind of personality you have in day to day life.

#Fetal: Difficult to know such people , they are grumbling in the start. Then they open their hearts and shower warmth.
#Log: They have identified, how to show their own selves in the society. Thy act in proper settings and are called social butterflies.

#Yearner: One should be attentive of the. They are perceived as open, but are suspicious.

#Soldier: These are reserved and organised people. They also bring with them, punctuality and perfection.

#Freefall: These are amazing fun and fantastic people. Partying with them will bring great excitement.

# Starfish: There position is spread out in all directions. These people are patient and excellent listeners. They can be an ear in need, indeed.

So, which one are you?


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