These Kabali jokes are breaking the Internet

Rajinikanth, Kabali
Rajinikanth, Kabali

After the great success of ‘Kabali’ at the box office, Rajnikanth’s jokes have stormed the social media.

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  • Rajnikanth was shot today… Tomorrow is the bullet`s funeral!
  • Rajnikanth killed a terrorist in Pakistan ‘via Bluetooth’!
  • Rajnikanth can draw a straight line with a compass
  • Rajnikanth`s pulse is measured in Richter scale!
  • The new Rupee symbol is actually Rajnikanth`s signature!!!
  • Rajnikanth has a statue of Madame Tussauds at his house!!
  • Rajnikanth is the secret of Boost`s energy;and Complan is a Rajnikanth boy!
  • Rajnikanth participated in 100m race, obviously he came first, but
  • Einstein died watching that, since Light came second!!
  • Intel’s new ad: “Rajnikanth Inside”
  • When Alexander Graham Bell first used his telephone, he realized that he already had two missed calls from Rajinikanth.
  • Why does needle of magnetic compass always point towards North??? . . Because, RAJINIKANTH lives in the South and no one has guts to point at him!!!
  • The apple which fell on Newton was actually thrown by Rajinikanth!
  • An email was sent from Pune to Mumbai, Rajinikanth stopped it in Lonawala!
  • Rajinikanth can whistle in 5 different languages!
  • Only Rajinikanth knows why Mona Lisa is smiling!
  • Nerpu da, Kabali da!!!


(Disclaimer: all the jokes have been sourced from the social media and are meant for entertainment only)


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