Ten things you must know about Kargil War

#1 The  demarcated of LOC is on the basis of Shimla accord. The Kargil District is   located 205 Km (127 miles) from Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir.

#2  The only lifeline of the said region was the NH 1D (National Highway) which connects Srinagar to Leh region passing through Kargil. It is full of extremely treacherous terrain where avalanches and landslides are a regular phenomena.

#3 On May 3, 1999, local shepherds noticed activity in the mountains of Kargil area and informed the Indian Army. They were suspicioned when they saw some tribal heavily armed people building sentry posts and occupying bunkers thereby.

#4 In the year 1998, the leaders of both the countries agreed on a policy along the LOC since Shimla (Simla) agreement of 1972.

#5 In the second week of the 1999 war, in May, the body of Indian martyr Capt Saurabh Kalia was badly mutilated by the Pakistan militants along with the 5 other Indian soldiers of the of the patrolling party.  Ved Prakash Malik, who was the Indian Army chief, who handled the operation.

#6 Zoji La pass is the one and only mountain pass which connects Kargil area to the Kashmir region.  The Indian Navy launched the Operation Talwar  to blockade the Karachi port at the time of Kargil war.

#7 On July 14, Indian Prime Minister had declared that the Indian Army’s ‘Operation Vijay’ is a great success. On July 26, Indian Army announced of had completely evicted Pakistani intruders from the Indian side of the LOC.

#8  In the final assault at Tiger Hill (Point 5140), Five Indian soldiers and 10 Pakistani soldiers lost their lives. Captain Vikram Batra also lost his life while rescuing an injured officer (Capt. Naveen) at .4875.


#9 Three soldiers  were awarded with PVC (2 posthumously and one alive) along with the Lt. Manoj Kumar Pandey of 1/11 Gorkha Rifles (martyr) and Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav (alive). Lt. Manoj Pandey is still widely recognised and named for his act of heroism and boldness in the terrains of ‘Tololing sector’ which was really critical for capturing the Tiger Hill(point 5140).

#10 Indian journalist Barkha Dutt who covered the Kargil war was awarded Padma Shri for her services on the line of duty. This was also inspiredSilver screen and movie like LOC, Lakshya were made.



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