Pokemon Go under scanner? Shiv Sena wants to regulate the game in Maharastra

Pokemon Go, Shiv Sena, Maharashtra

Shiv Sena Member of Legislative Council (MLC) Neelam Gorhe, last week, asked for regulations on the location-based, augmented reality game Pokemon Go in the state of Maharashtra.

According to Gorhe, the game is raising safety hazards as people of all age groups, especially, women and children are roaming on the streets, completely engrossed in the game, thereby increasing the possibility of road accidents. Also, she added that in order to play the game, one’s location has to be disclosed which raises questions on safety norms.

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Thus, in a meeting, she has urged the Maharashtra Legislative Council to regulate the game. Ramraje Nimbalkar, chairman of the Council has asked the state to look into the matter and come up with necessary actions.

According to newspaper sources, Gorhe was quoted as saying, “Countries like Kuwait and US have taken steps to regulate the use of this game. I am aware that not every issue can be resolved by banning, but there has to be some regulation on them as youngsters have been seen stopping vehicles in middle of the road to catch Pokemons, this can be a huge hazard and can cause accidents”.

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