Munich shopping mall turned into the battlefield

Munich, Germany, Gunfire

At least nine people were killed and 10 were injured as Gunfire broke the silence at the Olympia shopping mall of Munich in Germany.

The police have evacuated the terrified shoppers from the mall after the lethal gunfire. The numbers of shooters are also unconfirmed; police believes that there are several attackers.

According to a report by Bild, the Bavarian interior minister told that there are at least three shooters in the Munich incident.

According to reports the sounds of gunfire initially heard around at 6 pm in the evening when an unidentified attacker opened fire in the Olympia shopping mall of Munich. A foremost Munich Based newspaper, Sudduetsche Zeitung, reported manifold people had been killed and injured in the attack. A police spokeswoman told German Media that this is a big incident, currently a major police operation under way in the city.

Meanwhile, no Indian casualties has been reported as MEA Sushma Swaraj took it to twitter to confirm the same.


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