Why Kabali is Rajinikanth’s Best Movie

Why Kabali is Rajinikanth's Best Movie

Rajinikanth has an effect on people like no other actor. Rajinikanth’s latest film has opened to snaking queues at house full theatres. Here are some facts that we want you to know about this blockbuster:

– Cinemas in Tamil Nadu and some even in Mumbai opened at 3 a.m. on Friday to usher in movie star Rajinikanth’s first film in two years.

– On the subject of style, Rajinikanth kept his bearded salt-and-pepper look for 75 days (of a total 115 days) to shoot for the film.

– According to director Pa Ranjith, in Kabali, Rajinikanth’s dialoguebaazi is almost zero.

– “Kabali” to be shown in more than 10,000 movie screens worldwide, including 3,000 in southern India where most of Rajinikanth’s fans are based

– Trade experts predict the film will earn more than 5 billion rupees ($74 million), more than any Bollywood film ever

– Air Asia-Kabali partnership is the first time an aviation company has collaborated with a film on this scale.

– A total of 25 luxury cars were used in the film, which were apparently provided by Rajinikanth’s fans.

– Tickets to Kabali are most wanted and valued and to make the occasion even grander a special plane flew from Bengaluru to Chennai this morning mimicking Rajinikanth’s own journey from working as a bus conductor in Bengaluru decades ago to becoming Tamil cinema’s most celebrated star.

– The star is back and he is back with the bang. Movie directors and producers made sure to capitalize on this. Rajinikanth’s introduction scene reportedly runs for over a minute-and-a-half – in slow motion. Fans can enjoy the return of Thalaiva in full swing.

– Rajinikanth has made sure to take the action scenes to the highest level. Rajinikanth, who is 65, was in full action mode and performed a car drift scene himself.

– Rajinikanth, who has never faced an on screen death is adored and we are already seeing the reviews where fans are going crazy.

With that I am going to book my own ticket to watch the legend and before I leave: Happy Kabali Day Folks!


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