Xiaomi confirms the Redmi Pro will launch July 27

Redmi Pro.

In a post on Chinese social network Weibo, Xiaomi has confirmed the device to be unveiled at its event on July 27 will be none other than the Redmi Pro. If this name doesn’t ring a bell it’s because it’s the first any of us are hearing about it. But Xiaomi has assured fans it is the “professional, the ultimate” and some claim it may just be the Redmi Note 4 under a different name.

Considering Redmi is Xiaomi’s mid-range line, it’s probably best not to get your hopes up too high for a high-end “pro” specs sheet. But the Redmi Pro may attempt to further enhance Xiaomi’s already-impressive price-performance ratio.

While it’s hard to put much faith in pre-release benchmarks, it’s worth mentioning that two Geekbench results did appear recently under the name of Redmi Pro. You may also recall a leaked teaser with dual cameras on the back of an unknown device.

In any case, here are the specs the benchmark included: a base model with the Helio X20 MT6797M chipset clocked at 2 GHz with 3 GB of RAM and another variant running the MediaTek Helio X25 MT6797T clocked at 2.5 GHz with 4 GB of RAM. In case the irony of this isn’t lost on you, that would be a “more premium” version of a phone already called Pro. A pro Pro if you will.

Xiaomi also confirmed a second device to be launched at the end of the month – saying a “mysterious little friend” will debut alongside the Redmi Pro. While it’s possible the two Redmi Pro variants have different screen sizes, the use of the diminutive may be a clever subterfuge to distract attention from the Xiaomi laptop that has appeared online. While there’s no guaranteeing this will be the second product unveiled, we don’t have long to find out what is.

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