Companies in Chennai & Bangalore declares holiday on July 22nd to mark ‘Kabali’ release

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Just two days left for superstar Rajinikanth starrer ‘Kabali’ to hit screens and it seems the release comes like a festival in the southern part of India as several companies in Bangalore and Chennai has declared Friday (July 22) a holiday so the employees could enjoy the frenzy and watch the film on the first day.

The move was taken up as employees from various companies started to plan to take a mass leave on the release day of ‘Kabali’ to catch the superstar on the first day. The company authorities decided to simply declare Friday as a holiday.

According to reports, Bangalore-based Opus Waterproofing and Chennai-based Fyndus India Pvt Ltd among others took the big step. Adding to the cheer, some of these companies also volunteered to give away free tickets in order to evade piracy.

As quoted in a report Manoj Pushparaj of Opus Waterproofing said,

“This was an internal company circulation which was sent out on Sunday. I could feel the eagerness in my employees, so instead of dealing with mass bunks and mobile switch offs, I came up with the idea of declaring a holiday on July 22 and be a part of the celebration. It would also serve as a motivation to my employees. Like Diwali bonus, we treated them to Kabali bonus.”

The same day it was reported that Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali’ found its way online. According to reports, there are several links available to view the film in the Dark Web (overlay networks that use the public internet but require specific software, configurations or authorisation to access), ahead of its release on July 22.


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