The Cynicism and tragedy of what we encounter

Amongst the terrible tragedies of all those of who have died in the recent days, here is a story of a much less
much tragic proportions, but it tells you what we have lost.

I live, by choice, with my parents in my home in Srinagar with my parents while my wife and daughters’ are in Australia. I miss them every minute. I don’t take a a Re from the government by choice!

I am a proud Kashmiri who believes in democracy, diversity and dialogue being the foundation of our political soul. I am in Kashmir to make a difference, not to sustain the status quo
My parents’ run the house and we never even talk about sharing expenses. When my mother went JK Bank to withdraw money she encountered her sister, my aunt, who sarcastically told her off : ” I Cannot believe that a Cabinet Minister’s Mother needs to withdraw money for daily expenses. ” If this iis the view of a 90 year old aunt, what are we passing on

Have we all lost the capacity of seeing that some people may still want to do good without wanting any material considerations in return?

May God give peace to all those who have passed away recently.
(Courtesy amitabh Mattoo, the author is advisor to Chief Minister of J&K views expressed are personal)


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