Confession of a father, My son called me ‘Kafir’


In what could be one of the most shocking things for a father, 22-year old Hafesuddin, who had been missing from Kerala and now suspected to be a part of ISIS network, called his father, Abdul Hakim, a ‘kafir’ – a person who rejects or disbelieves in God.

Abdul Hakim was quoted as saying; “My own son called me a kafir. Radicalism changed my son completely,”

He wondered where he went wrong in raising Hafesuddin, that he one day texted him, “I will now get the Jannat (heaven), here no tax, no Sharia law, nobody here catching me, very good place”.

“If he does not like India, if he acted against the country, I don’t want to see him, even though he is my son.I don’t even want to see his body,” anguished Hakim, said.

Saying he has no clue how his son got radicalised, Hakim added. “I am an Indian, don’t even wish to see my son’s corpse ever.”

On July 28, Hafesuddin left home to study the Quran in Calicut but two days later he said he was travelling to Sri Lanka for further studies.

A day before Eid, when his family members were waiting for him to return, they got a text message which read, “He is going to heaven with a cause.”

“He didn’t say anything about his location. He said that he wanted to teach the Quran,” Hafesuddin’s father said.

When asked did he notice any changes in Hafesuddin, he said, “Two years ago he started growing his beard. He told me that he wanted an Islamic state.”

Hakim could never figure out what overcame his son. “He does not like me anymore. I don’t know why he doesn’t like me anyomre, “he said.
Well, it seems ISIS is successfully targeting Indian youth, which is turning out to be a serious concern.


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