Portugal beat France 1-0 in extra time to win Euro 2016

Euro 2016

Portugal erupted into jubilation on Sunday as the country defeated France to win the Euro 2016, its first major international soccer championship..

Finally at the end, Cristiano Ronaldo had his hands on the trophy even if it was not the way the ultimate showman had intended. Portugal, the team that finished third in their group, had found a way even on a night when their greatest footballer was taken off on a stretcher.

The players of France were on their knees and suddenly it was a sunrise of a smile on Ronaldo’s face, in stark contrast to the devastation that had been seen earlier in the night.

The biggest spectacle of football turned out to be disappointing for Portugal fans as Christiano Ronaldo was injured and went off the field, in the crucial Euro cup finals in Paris.  With a picture of a moth on Ronaldo’s face, the Twitter was viral with Ronaldo moth trending.

As if on a tactical play, the French players dominated the game and tackled Ronaldo injuring him. The Ronaldo jinx continued in this match as well.

France dominated the game and Portugal clearly felt out of the game and clearly missed their star player Ronaldo, while both teams were tied 0-0 in the first half, clearly hosts were on the tops.

In the previous Euro finals Spain had beaten Italy 4-0.

Odds favoured France with a distinct home advantage. While fans cheered for France many disappointed fans some from Portugal were also teargassed outside the stadium

Portugal subsequently played like a team affronted by the suggestion they might be overly reliant on one man. They gave everything to keep out France during the long passages when the host nation put them under pressure.

The ovation as he was carried off suggested the crowd recognised genuine greatness. His team-mates, however, seemed intent on making sure his absence was not the decisive factor.

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