Maneka Gandhi announces new cyber cell for women facing online abuse

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Enough is enough. Just because you have a Twitter account you just cannot troll or abuse women.

India’s women and child development ministry has announced that it will take strict action against those trolling and posting abusive remarks against women online.

“Are you a woman who is trolled or abused? Inform me at [email protected],” Women and Child Development minister, Maneka Gandhi, tweeted.

To stop this Mrs. Gandhi has even started a Hashtag. The Hashtag is #IamTrolledHelp.

She has also asked the National Commission for Women (NCW) to monitor instances of women being trolled and asked for a separate department to deal with online abuse.

Indian singer Sona Mohapatra was a hot topic on social media just because she didn’t support Bhaijan Salman Khan’s “Rape” comment. Sona found herself being attacked by online trolls. And this month, it’s Smriti Irani when she has shifted to Textile Ministry from HRD.

Mrs. Gandhi didn’t take Smritiji’s name in this case.

Maneka Gandhi told media that her tweet was in response to the abuse faced by singer Sona Mohapatra. “This particular troll who harassed the singer online came to our notice this morning. We have contacted Twitter and got this person off it,” added Mrs. Gandhi.

But the question which has been risen by many on Twitter is that “Where to report if women abuse or troll men?”


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