Couple calls off marriage over PM Modi

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, couple, Kanpur
Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, couple, Kanpur

While many debates happen every day on whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a hero for the nation or a manipulative no-doer.

But, the argument stretched beyond comprehension and believe it or not a couple called off their wedding over a clash of opinions on the subject.

The couple, from Kanpur, were out together for finishing some wedding errands, when the topic of Modi came up, where the groom was pro PM, a die-hard supporter of the Indian Prime Minister, while the bride was not convinced and held him responsible for many problems in India. The debate turned so heated according to reports that by the end of it, the previously happy bride and groom decided to go their separate ways.

While PM Modi definitely leaves a long shadow of influence wherever he goes, his impact could be so deep set, so as to get the couple to argue. While the groom is a local businessman, the bride to be is a government employee.

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Sadly for the families of the estranged pair, nearly all wedding plans had been finalised, and only dividing the expenses remained, before the unthinkable happened.

Maybe the Prime Minister may now have to turn the saviour to come to the rescue of this couple to help them end their argument and save their marriage which has been called off.


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