Guess how Smriti Irani silenced her critics on social media for her shifting

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'Congress can stoop to any limit to defame PM Modi,' says Smriti Irani

Amongst all the ministry shifts made by PM Modi, in the cabinet, the most talked about has become Smriti Irani’s transfer from the Human Resource Department to the Textile Department. While Smriti herself believes that the Prime Minister and the party has shown their “faith” in her with their decision, the social media, on the contrary, has been flooded with demeaning comments and jokes about the BJP minister.

And henceforth…

On the other side, like she herself indicated in her interviews and posts, there have also been speculations about a deeper meaning to Irani’s new role assignment. The textile industry is the second largest industry in India as well as has the largest share in the country’s exports. It is also the second largest employment generator for India, behind only agriculture, which itself is closely linked to the industry.

Also, when some say that textile industry is not in very good shape currently, this may actually signify the weight of trust on Irani’s shoulders. And, at a time when the central ministry has already announced a Rs. 6000 Cr. grant for textiles, this is perhaps a good tide of opportunities and central role play for Smriti Irani.
This is what Smriti Irani had to say on twitter, regarding her new ministry shift:

Here are some other tweets, believing in Smriti’s transfer to be a step-up:

Also, in this video by youtube blogger, Nishant Das, he shares some eye-opening facts and opinions which may totally reverse the nation’s unremarkable reaction to Smriti Irani’s new designation in the ministry.



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