7 Problems That Indian Students Face In The US

Students in US
Students in US

Competition is growing in today’s ever integrating world. Students are no longer hesitant to study abroad and leave their homes. Universities are spending more and more in programs designed to attract the best of students from around the world. After China, India sends the most number of the students to the famous land of opportunity: US.

Hey, but all that glitters is not gold, right? Here are 7 problems that Indians face when they go to study in the US:

The Continuous Conversion


You land up at the airport and want to grab a bite. You go to coffee shop to get a coffee and maybe a burger. The cashier asks you for $10. What Rs. 700! Expensive right?

No Domestic Help


Most of us are used to domestic help to such an extent that we cannot even remember the last time we made our own bed. Well, welcome to the world where you have to wash your own clothes, cook, clean and yes do not forget STUDY!

The Expat

Sad Indian

Missing your home already on the first day? Well most of us seek other Indians like us and it is not long before we do find and make our own group to talk about our exotic homes and CP and HauzKhas plans. Nostalgia hits and we disconnect from the present and forget to interact with other people and students.

Culture Shock


This one is a debatable one. While globalization has definitely insinuated through our culture, landing in the States definitely gives one a huge culture shock. But do not worry, its doesn’t take long for us to get used to having that Starbucks Coffee every morning and morphing into the casual dating culture.

Keeping up the Expectations


Well, India is in Asia last I checked. In that case, all of us are supposed to be competitive and yes we are supposed to be amazing at Mathematics. After all, we invented the zero! God help us with that one.

Time Zone


Beta call karna. It is not the calling and skyping that concerns us there, but the time difference between India and US. We come tired from our classes only to squeeze in unrealistic hours at an odd time so talk back home.

Making it big


The very moment your family gets to know that you are going to study in India, you are expected to be the golden girl of the family. Well cracking the job market in the US is not as easy as they show in Hollywood so leave your unrealistic expectations back in India.


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