Subramanian Swamy says he doesn’t seek publicity, publicity seeks him

Subramanian Swamy, Narendra Modi, Interview

Despite PM Narendra Modi’s indirect snub to Subramanian Swamy’s, after he disapproved of his remarks on RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan and other Finance Ministry’s top officials, stating him to be ‘craving for publicity’, the BJP MP is holding on, by saying that it is publicity that ‘relentlessly seeks’ him.

He posted the following tweet as his response:

He says that he admired the PM’s spine, but believes that media to be planting “deliberately false stories” to provoke him for responding back to them.

Earlier Congress President, Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra had also called Swami ‘attention seeking’, “deplorable” and “classist”, to which Swami had responded by saying “I think Mr.Vadra should concentrate on staying out of jail and not comment on political issues”.

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The Rajya Sabha member is now well known for getting into verbal battles on the social media.


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