10 Weird Things Indians Do When Abroad


Packing Indian Food Wherever You Go

You just love Indian food and you will make sure you pack it and take it along to whichever part of the world you’re going.



Adding salt and pepper and ‘Aloo Bhujia’ to your food because it is just too bland

We loooove spices and the food is always too bland for us.


Making the most of all the candies and refreshments you get on the plane

We will have all of them, as many as we can, we will fill our hands.


Sneaking in hotel soaps, shampoos, and towels and hotel supplies in your bags

The hotels have such good soaps and conditioners and shampoos and towels, and we gotta encash each penny we’ve spent.


I need to find Indian food and Indian friends

I will find Indian food and I will eat it. I will find Indians and I will befriend them. Period.


Collecting ‘Vilayati gifts’ for all the relatives

You have the whole khandaan back home waiting for all the ‘vilayati’ goodies. and ofcourse the chocolates and polo tees.



Eww Indians, too downmarket

Indians are so downmarket, cheap and unclean all the damn time. Cheee!




Collecting all free samples from the malls And sending all ‘sasta– foreign looking’ material home

Freeeeee all that is free is our birthright, we will use it, we will keep it, or we will send them back home. They are foreign after all.


We can break all the rules

We think we can break all the queues and every other rule the way we do back home. The world is ours after all.


Ogling at women; oops they do that in India as well

Indian men have their own special ways of staring at women, be it desi or firangi.


Yea yea, this is stereotypical and not all Indians do that but common, if you are an Indian, you know it, either you or friends do these things all the time. If not all then at least one of these.




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